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         Nope we sure don't have any pets to 
hand over to ya, we keep'em all!
      We would like to present you with 
our "LazyC" webpage award.,
     We give it to sites with a purpose 
    and also to well designed sights.
    Happy Trails!
"Lazy C Ranch"
Your web page has just received the
  CYBER SCANS Award of Excellence 
for Web Page Design.
You have done an outstanding job 
creating this web page.
Again, congratulations on a job well done!
Regards, Jason Carlson, Chairman
CYBER SCANS Awards Comittee
I am again in your site.
The work you are doing is wonderful.
This award is not given out lightly
and very few have it.
You guys sure deserve it and it was made
with people like you in mind.
Diabella Loves Cats
We would like to present you
with one of our awards.
Keep up the excellent work! 
Brian & Sandra Johnson 
"Our lil home in Nebraska"
I am a Brittany Spaniel/Lab named Cocoa.
I like you site very much!
I am giving you my "Best Design Award"! 
Have a great day/night!
Cocoa & her mommy Christel
Cocoa's Home Page
I am attaching my award
for you and your wonderful site!
You're an angel on earth.
Maire Kaye's Home Place
for All Creature's Great & Small~
Just came from your page and thought it was 
so wonderful that I wanted to present you
with our Critter Award of Excellence!
Congratulations and keep in touch!
Lisa and The Critters
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