Best Friends

    I love cats of all shapes, sizes, or colors.  They're the best creature in the whole world (right next to humans.)  If I could save  them all in the world I would.
    Right now, we have three cats, which were all adopted from the Rhinelander Animal Shelter. One all black cat named Jasper and a Calico Cat we call KiKi (She is my baby) and a big fat tabby cat we call Garfield.  Jasper and Garfield are new to our family, but KiKi we  have had for four years now. 
Cats never cause my family a problem because they are a mutal agreement upon all of us.  We love them dearly. 
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    Cats Rule!!! Dogs Drool!!!! We went to the Rhinelander Animal Shelter to adopt one cat! Though,, what can we say,, we took two! Actually,, they picked us!! They are the most lovable babies you could ever imagine! You can definitely tell all those shelter girls/guys spend loving hands on! 
    They are both neutered and indoor cats. It is funny too for they will lay right in front of the door and you have to step over them to get out!
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    Remember the the dog you called your "Fu-Fu" dog, that went to my sister in Milw.  (brought her back to you overnight, and came and got her again??? 
    I think you may have wondered how this all turned out.   It did indeed turn out very well.  The dog became "Kori", and my sister has since moved to Clintonville with her, and has a large yard, which she had fenced just for the dog. 
    They are quite a twosome.   Kori was quite a handfull to deal with for awhile, not easy to discipline, and a very high energy dog.   Still very high energy, but quite a delightful animal. 
    They come here to visit me and my husband and our Sheltie often, and Kori, I know remembers me, because I first saw her and saved her from "the pound"!! 

      We adopted Ruby almost five years ago. Kathy

     We are just amazed at how comfortable Wyatt was the minute we brought him home. He seems like he's lived here forever.
     He purrs all the time, so loud, we can hear him coming from the next room. He's just really a nice kitty and we already love
Thank you Animal Shelter!
Lori Duchrow

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