Sun, 17 May 1998
Howdy folks! :)
Da Boys would like to extend to you
Peanuts "Peanut-tier" award.
Pardon da pun, but ya do have a...
"Doggone cool site!".
Sun, 17 May 1998
 Higgin's King of Cats
Award for Exceptional
Teresa and the critters
Sun, 17 May 1998
We would like to offer you our award for 
being there for our furry friends
 when others are not.
Keep caring  it has to get
better  :))
Thanks a Bunch
Roxanne aka Pom Mom
with all the Kissami Klan:
 Andy, Tressa, Carisma, Crystal, Spanky, Scooter,
Tabu, Pooky, & Rahjah. 
Sun, 17 May
For your dedication to helping our pets in need,
I would like to present
you with Jen's Kat korral and Kat Trax .... akatamy award!!!
You deserve it!!
Keep up the great work!
Jen & Mike
Tue, 19 May 1998 
I would like to present you with one of my special awards for taking the time out to help our dear friends. If we dont look out
for them who will.