Sat, 14 Nov 1998 
I have attached "Mr.Chips" new award for joining the "Adopt A Shelter Cat"
webring.  I am sending his award to everyone in the webring.  I thank you
all for joining, and wish you much luck in the future with your site.
Thank you,
Fri, 20 Nov 1998
We have been friends of yours for awhile now... But we recently created an award and we would love for you to have it.
Think of this as a special gift, your efforts touch my heart.  The "work" you do is so very important to the fuzzbutts of our world and I
for one want to THANK YOU for doing what you do.  I have rescued two of my pets, and I know that my world would be incomplete without them.
Please accept this with my most sincere thoughts.
Pam, Jessie, Sadie, Gilbert and Rocky
Scottsdale, Arizona
Sun, 14 Feb 1999
Pyewacket has selected the Rhinelander Animal Shelter as a winner of his own
special award that he likes to give to humans that exhibit a compassionate
heart to the health care and over population problems of felines.
Suzanne & Pyewacket

        Tue, 1 Jun 1999 

ConCATulations!  Miss Minnie from Minnie's Menagerie was pawing around
the Web in search of outstanding sites, and she gave your site two
kitty paws up!
She thought you did a wonderful job and would like to present you 
with her "brand new" award for excellence! 

Again, CON...CAT..ULATIONS =^.^=  

Minnie's Menagerie