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If your pet is lost!
Talk to all children in neighbor hood, church, schools. Children have good eyes for spotting a pet.
Here is a  Shelter listing that are on-line you can e-mail them with description of your missing pet,
pick all the ones surrounding your area.

You could also make a web/site and then submit it to all search engine's. Here are great examples:


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We Found Junior!!!!!
I just want to give everyone an update on Junior, the Lhasa Apso mix lapdog missing from Plover (Portage County/Central WI).  We found Junior at a farm in the Coloma/Westfield area, which is approximately 50 miles south of Plover.  He is a little bit thinner and quite tired, but otherwise he is in great shape.
After contacting shelters across the whole state, I started contacting groomers, vets, and other people/places providing pet-related services.  One of those vets was Adams Marquette Vet Service in Oxford, WI.  They called me this morning and said that a lady had brought Junior in, and she was taking care of him until I could get him.
The lady who took him to the vet had found him about three days ago in a pasture with her cattle.  Junior is actually a farm dog (though you wouldn't know that by looking at him), so he was chasing their cattle like he chases our cattle at home.  The farmer had been looking for Junior's owner and went to the vet to see if they could help.  When she walked through the door, the vet recognized Junior right away as the dog on the flier I had emailed them. 
Junior had been missing about nine days, so I'm not sure what happened before he found the farm.  Either the person that picked him up on I-39 lived in that area, and Junior got away from him/her; or the person that picked him up up on I-39 was a traveler that stopped at the Coloma wayside, and Junior got away from him/her.  If Junior could talk, I'm sure he would have quite a story to tell.
We are overjoyed to have Junior back home, and Junior seems happy to be back home too.  His safe return has been nothing short of a miracle.  I will be taking Junior to the vet next week to have him neutered and microchipped.
Thank you for your help in finding my dog!  When I began contacting people about Junior, I never dreamed that people I had never met before would be so willing to help in my search.  I have been overwhelmed by all the support and encouragement I have received.
Thanks again-

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