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"America's Most Unwanted"

    Hard to believe, isn't it? 
Through no fault of their own, animals like these are abandoned by their owners everyday. Sometimes it's because their family is moving and doesn't want to bring them along. Other times it's because the animal is all grown up and has lost that "cute puppy" look. Some even become unwanted because they don't match the owner's new carpet. No one likes to feel unwanted. Help us show these animals that someone out there loves them!
    We know there is alot of animal webring rings already, what we are trying to do here is to find all animals home's! This is designed for the love of all animals! Our goal is to get you and everyone to stop in your local shelter even if it's just for a visit!
    Please all we ask that the site you add can be viewed by the family. "You have made a "Friend" "Fur" Life!!!" Thank You for helping us help them!!! 

America's Most Unwanted Webring
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Hard to believe, isn't it?
Through no fault of their own, animals like these are
abandoned by their owners everyday. Help us show these animals just how wanted they are!
Please visit your local shelter!

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