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Web/Rings-Page One
1. Humane Society and Animal Welfare Ring 
2. Rescue Ring
3. Stop Animal Cruelty Ring
4. Adopt a Shelter Cat Ring
Web/Rings-Page Four
1.  Beloved Dogs Web/Ring
2.  Proud To Be Spoiled Web Ring
3. Spoiled Kitty's of the World Wide Web UniteWebRing
4. Please Get A Handle On FIP
Web/Rings-Page Two
1. No Cruelty To Animals
2. Keeper of the Stars Ring
3. Adopt a Shelter Pet Ring
4. The Cat House Ring (Lisaviolet)
Web/Rings-Page Five
1. Tiny Tuggers Web Ring
2. BratCat Ring Queue
3. Emma's Disabled Dogs Webring
4. From Wags to Whiskers Ring
Web/Rings-Page Three
1. Animals Voice Ring
2. Harmony Helpers Haven
3. Animals Lover's Web/Ring
4. Happiness is Being  Owned  byCatsWeb/Ring
Web/Rings-Page Six
1. We LOVE Our Pets Webring
2. Adorable Pets Stories Web Ring
3. Paw Prints On The Heart 
4. Animal Rights 
Web/Rings-Page Seven
1. Protect the Pets
2. Carla's Dog House Ring
3. Ring of Pampurred Princes/Princesses
4. I love my pet web ring
Web/Rings-Page Eight
1. Cats of the Internet
2. Cat Moms: Mothers of Fabulous Felines
3. SHAID Tree (Shelter for Helpless Animals in Distress)Animal Shelter WebRing
4. Cats Are Friends Forever Web Ring
Web/Rings-Page Nine
1. Golden Feline Lovers Webring
2. Remember Ninja's Webring
3. Animal & Rescue Foster Care(arf) Webring
4. Furrballs on the Net
Web/Rings-Page Ten
1. Precious Babies Webring
2. Catalina Island Cats DREAM COME TRUE Web Ring
3. All Animals On Earth And In Heaven Ring Webring
4. To be Added
Web/Rings-Page Eleven
1. Have You Hugged Your Cat Today (hugs)
Web/Rings-Page Twelve

Hard to believe, isn't it?
Through no fault of their own,
animals like these are abandoned every day.
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Help us show these animals
just how wanted they are!
Please visit your local shelter!

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